US Congress Wants COVID-19 Funds To Go Directly to Labs

COVID-19 Funds To Go Directly to Labs

There are efforts being made by 30 US Congress members who want COVID-19 funds to go directly to labs focusing on COVID-19 testing. Already there is an act titled, Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, which invests $25 billion to further research aspects of COVID-19 testing. While this money goes to states in order to enhance their testing abilities, there have been zero federal funds reserved for the labs that have stepped up their facilities including, buying PPE and training laboratory workforce for the pandemic. 

A similar request has been made by the President of the American Clinical Laboratory Association, ACLA, which includes a request to provide money directly to clinical labs. Julia Khani, president of ACLA, is urging $10 billion to further enhance the testing capacities at these labs. 

On April 24th, President Trump signed H.4.266 into law which would further research and development for COVID-19 testing. It includes $25 billion towards higher testing including, both active infection and prior exposure, PPE, and tracing of the virus.

COVID-19 testing is taking a huge expense on hospitals and clinical laboratories around the country. There has been an influx of investments toward expanding the research and development of the virus. In order to stay on top of the game and protect individuals from this virus, there will need to be increased funding provided by federal legislation. The $25 billion allocated by President Trump will need to be correctly dispersed to agencies in helping the testing of COVID-19.

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