Lawmakers Urge HHS To Increase Clinical Lab Funding

Lawmakers Urge HHS To Increase Clinical Lab Funding

Due to the extensive work that clinical laboratories have been doing towards the COVID-19 relief, lawmakers urge HHS To increase clinical lab funding. They’re urging Secretary Alex Azar of Health and Human Services to direct funds from the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund, PHSSEF, to financially support these labs. 

These labs are doing extensive research on the COVID-19 testing forefront. It is vital for these labs to have the finances and support needed to accurately and efficient test for the virus. Funding from the PHSSEF can ensure these labs have the supplies and workforce needed. In an ACLA press release, they quote: 

“As the demand for testing continues to grow, clinical laboratories need dedicated funding to plan for challenges that lie ahead,” said ACLA President Julie Khani. “Strong federal coordination and leadership is essential, and we’re looking forward to working with HHS to ensure that laboratories have the resources necessary to continue to expand our role at the forefront of the nation’s response.”

In an indirect response to the letter, Azar has recently been tweeting about a new operation #WarpSpeed relating to the new deal with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for antibody testing.

There have been letters sent by ACLA which requests funding to be made directly towards clinical labs. ACLA members have been a part of more than 10 million molecular PCR tests for COVID-19 and are constantly advancing their research for the virus including new equipment and technology.

ACLA President Julie Khani describes the increased need for funding for these laboratories as there are challenges ahead with the developing virus. The funding will allow these labs to continue moving forward with COVID-19 testing with the appropriate resources needed.

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