CA and NY Voting on Additional COVID 19 Lab Funding

In recent news, Tom Reed (NY-23) and Scott Peters (CA-52) sent a request asking HHS to allocate a portion of the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund, PHSSEF, toward the clinical labs that have been testing extensively for COVID-19. There has since been a need in CA and NY for additional COVID 19 lab funding.

Reed describes that these clinical labs have stepped up during this pandemic, including significant investments done to increase the capacity of these tests. He points out that these clinics must be financially supported during these economic hardships and their increased efforts to do research and development of COVID-19.

Representative Peters points out that it is necessary for these labs to have access to federal funds and support to continue their efforts of advanced testing. In order for these tests to be done accurately and efficiently, including the tools they need in order to do so, funds are necessary.

Julie Khani, President of the American Clinical Laboratory Association, describes that as testing continues to grow these labs will need increased funding and support during this pandemic.

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